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Thy Creation was established in August of 2022 as a little start-up in Chennai, India. Thy Creation is an epoxy & UV resin-based art and craft company. It was kick-started with a very small contribution and a lot of hard work by one man. People tend to be afraid when they start something from Zero; In fact, not everyone wants to start from Zero, yet the company decided to scale from zero and show progress. The objective of the company was to profoundly make anyone an artist by customizing their orders with the help of Thy Creation. Apparently, the company had to start on a small scale of capital and eventually thought of finding its way to top the table among the crowd. The company decided to showcase the projects made for their customers on their website with consent. The company was striving to provide epoxy and UV resin crafts at a minimal cost despite the fact that resins were expensive.

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